We Built Arlington Apartments for you.

Figuring out where to call home should not be an every day thought. There is no reason why this home should not be specifically designed to fit your needs. Arlington is inclusive to all young adults from every background and story. Arlington is an inclusive space to be yourself.

Homelessness is not the end of your story.

Homelessness has disrupted the lives of many young adults in Washington state, but this should call us to acknowledge that quality housing should not be difficult to find due to a lack of resources. Washington state alone has almost 2,000 young adults experiencing homlessness every year. There are still not enough resources for these adults to find permanent housing that not only fulfills fundamental needs, but also provides the necessary resources to live their life to its fullest potential.


Arlington Apartments is a 58 unit apartment complex built just for 18-24 year olds facing homelessness. Tucked into a forested area right above Downtown Tacoma.

Amenities & Floorplans

Arlington Drive Youth Campus Grand Opening

December 15, 2020 | 10 am